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Number Cakes

If there ever was a reason for a person to not enjoy his or her birthday, it is probably because they were skeptic about turning a year older. They had to constantly be reminded that age, after all, is just a number. But you don’t have to dread the number anymore as we here at CakesYes have come up with a great concept to make numbers fun! Order online here at delicious, mouth watering number cakes and just eat up the number! With quality number cakes, gone are the days when you had to place multiple candles on your birthday cake and struggle to blow all of them out as the cake itself struggled to maintain its shape. These numerical cakes make up for perfect birthday cakes. The entire cake can be made in the shape of your birthday number, or you can choose a base cake for a number to be placed on. These number cakes can also be theme cakes with various themes such as cars based themes and sports based themes being represented on the cake. You can order these unique number cakes in various flavours including the regular flavours of chocolate, pineapple and black forest. The quantity of the number cake can be decided by you based on the size of the party you plan to throw. Additionally, these number cakes are great anniversary cakes too. Celebrate your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary with a cake that is shaped like the number 25! We also provide a 100% eggless version of these number cakes where all ingredients used in the preparation are completely eggless. As we deliver to more than 100 cities across India, these designer numerical cakes are great gifts for you to buy for your loved ones who are physically away from you. With these cakes, you can definitely make your presence felt. We also offer midnight delivery of these number cakes just in case you would like to surprise a special someone as the clock strikes 12a.m. If you have any queries regarding these number cakes or would like any sort of customization made on your cake, please feel free to contact us.

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