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Cakes + Flowers

To express something is not just to say something. Along with words, there are other means of expressing too, and we here at CakesYes strongly believe in this thought. The art of gifting which helps you convert your sweet and simple thoughts into precious gifts, is a unique way of expressing your feelings for your near and dear ones. intends to help you express these feelings with our wide range of combo gift products. Combo gifts, or a combination of two or more gifts is a gifting idea built on the philosophy of the more, the merrier! One such combo gift is cakes with flowers, a match made in heaven which redefines love, not just once, but twice. We offer numerous cakes with flowers combo gifts which include but are not limited to, black forest cake with mix roses bouquet, strawberry cake with red roses, chocolate cake with pink roses etc. Our ready made cakes with flowers combo gifts compliment each other to the utmost. For example, red roses or carnations go hand in hand with chocolate, and these flowers with a delicious chocolate cake is what we provide. Similarly, a scrumptious butter scotch cake goes perfectly well with a bunch of yellow roses. The cakes provided in the combo gifts sections range from half a kg and above, perfect for any occasion, small or big. Be rest assured that the flowers in these combo gifts are a hundred percent fresh when they are delivered. The cake is made with the hands of great bakers and the flower bouquet is hand-crafted by florists. We make sure that there is no compromise made in the quality of the products we deliver. Eggless variety of these cakes are also available. If you would like your own combo of flowers and cake which is not available on our catalog, you can select the create your own combo option. For further requirements, please feel free to contact us as we are here to accommodate your gifting ideas and needs. We also provide same day delivery or midnight delivery of these combo gifts over 100 cities across India. Hence, these combo gifts are sure shot ideas which will truly surprise your loved one, anytime, anywhere.

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